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Offer professional services

WEB Design

Working out for site, web design studio. Making logotype, banners, flash presentations. Working out conceptions, creation own style and artistic getting up
by your site. In working arsenal of web-studio is:
Animation, multiplication
Banners and buttons
Logotypes, commodity symbol
Processing and scanning photo
Numeralization and assembling video (CD DVD)
Artistic picture (pencil, water-color, oil)
Imposing pages
Working out graphic elements of advertisement network.

Web programming. Working out sites. Download soft for sites. Buy ready site, internet. Creation software for internet-sites different level complication.
Our conception in attitude of developing software:

- simple management and comfortable navigation,
- easy in mastering by user elementary level,
- technical stable in work,
- absence conflicts in using with other software,
- minimum requirements to system resources,
- wide function possibilities of choose decision of task ,
- possibility operative modification,
- using traditional and new technologies,
- certificate with calculation international standards,
- compact using and fast load,
- securing safe save and mechanism of re-establishment information.

Our offer include possibility realization individual net - projects and corporative many users information system;
tuning and management distant web-server;
project database and system of distributing calculations.
Expert mark

Strategy  development internet projects, firm's sites, companies and corporations. Competition. Stage preliminary preparation which precedes realization every project, decides many different questions: what do and how, which meanings, what can take into consideration and what must refuse at once.
We offer to use service expert mark. This - professional decide Your questions, economy time and money.

Expert mark includes next stages:
- forming interrogatory and client's wording requirements,
- study similar subject resources with purpose define ability of project to competition,
- definition obvious and possible way of progress,
- analysis полученной information and recommendations to improvement project,
- confirmation of sum requirements and composition detailed technical description.

Management site renovation. Redesign, modernization, widening  web site's functions. Photo and video Our clients receive access to services of free consultation and technical support.

In addition:
- filling materials to customer in this stage working out,
- subscribing service - periodic renovation of information on site,
- processing new graphic, photo-, video- materials,
- modernization under new project,
- enlarging function opportunity software,
- guarantee obligations (only if you will be using our hosting and system of management site).
Hosting and registration domain name

Free hosting, registration domain names. Accomodation site on hosting, accomodation and tuning. Quality hosting and remembering domain name - pawning of successful generation project.
If you wont to choose optimal version we offer to use
- registration domain name,
- transfer domain,
- using our hosting,
- choice alternative versions of hosting,
- control conformity choosing hosting to producing technical conditions,
- accommodating and tuning site on choosing hosting's palce.

Automatic site registration in search engins, catalogs, ratings, tops, post destribution. Advertisement company your site can raise it attendance very essential, attract attention and public's interest, find new partners and clients, increase volume of sales.
In achievement purpose it take a help our packed of advertisement services:
- registration in search system, ratings, catalogs, special and thematic resources,
- place information about site or product (service) on blackboard free advertisements,
- making static and animation banners, which have standard and other sizes,
- registration in system bannerchange,
- purposing and massing E-mail distributions,
- making exclusive graphic elements of net advertisement,
- presentation discs, prices - catalogs, CD-visits,
- place advertisement in publications of Dnipropetrovsk region (Ukraine).