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Demonstration version of RamZesT program

Ladies and gentlemans!

      You have unique and free possibility to try your strengths in site management.

      Shooting range is demonstration version of program complex RamZesT that is the best instrument for management site pages at this class and was developed our studio.

      You wish to have your own site in IT but you stop because it is necessity study difficult programs about creation and renovation or regular expenses on specialists, don't you?

Optimum decision - content management site RamZesT
  • easy - in study and using,
  • strong - in functional possibilities,
  • effective - in economy time and money.
RamZesT system - important ally aiming for unconditional victory in questions of site management.

Rules working with demo - version.

  1. For beginning working need registration.
  2. All information that you write or stir on your pages will be access for viewing only for your and administrator.
  3. Write obscenities, blasphemous and stir porno - forbiden.
  4. If you don't maintain rules of network etiquette and make the actions direct on failure of server then administrator takes a right to ban using system by user.

Description RamZes program
Re-establishment password
Forget pass
Automatic site registration of new user
Study, help, consultations, answers for questions