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Description of RamZesT II program

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System requirements
Work platform - Windows or Unix.
For correct working this program on server need to determine and tune next software and modules, which need to turn in:
Apache (Includes SSI command ; LoadModule php4_module ; LoadModule rewrite_module), php 4 ( file_uploads), MySQL.
Minimum screen resolution - 800600 and browser with support of JavaScript.

Automatic registration, choosing ready content management system RamZes pages manager. System (control disposition)

After start system execute automatic control connection with databases, presence all necessary bases and table structures.
In error situation offers: "Tune connection to database", "Creation necessary bases and tables", "Load demonstration database".

System tunings RamZes program. How tune apache php mysql. Tuning httpd.conf, ssi, css System tunings

Navigator of management by system tunings divide on two general categories: tuning administrative part (management system) and tuning site pages, which visitors look through.
Can change (add, delete, edit) style CSS for every category. Apart for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Can set directories and readdressing (tuning apache mod_rewrite) for site pages.
For management system by site can add and delete users, whose have access (tuning .htaccess .htpasswd).
All changes execute from management system, with help of editor.

Tuning content management system in programming medium RamZes. Interface content management system. Tuning of management system by site

Tunings concern only to administrative part and haven't influence on pages reflection, which see site's visitor.
Management Interface in russian or english languages, possibility add any language and page's coding.
Change color tunings all management elements, tables, forms and text.
Function of standard tunings for pages, sections, subjects and their reflection or using as default. It allow to delete unnecessary elements in getting up site pages and set one pages style (for example: titles all sections must be blue color, 12-type Times New Roman, sloping style and to be in the center).

Tuning site configuration. Connection to database mysql, creation database and tables. Tuning site's configuration

Site's configuration allow to connect to database, set original names for date table and base generally, define text coding on pages, set private and general post box (for forming links on pages), determine number of notes on one page of guest book.
Color tunings for all compositions of pages: menu, background, title, sections, subjects, border, additional elements.

Archivation and restoration dates with help RamZes program. Creation reserve coping of web site. Backup system and dates reconstruction

Guarantee safe way saving your information, division into other web servers and local machines, and reconstruction after failures.
Database is formed on web server and can save as individual files on your computer.Reconstruction can execute so from server - "Reconstruction database from server" , as from files on your computer - "Reconstruction database from reserve copy".
Additional possible (for beginning work) is possible to load demonstration database.All actions which was directed into change database and clearance must have second confirmation from user.

Guest book. Additional programming script - module, free to RamZes program. Guest book

Only administrative function of guestbook is delete undesirable notes. When note delete users must confirm action.
Section "Database" foresee backup system and reconstruction database of guest book.
Section "Pages" have pattern's guest book, which user can change, tune colors and types of forms of elements.

System management by RamZes site
Description of RamZes program
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