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Program RamZes
System management of site maintenance        

Program RamZes II, free programs download, renovation modules. Buy ready site, site shop.
  • Easy study work with program (it doesn't need special knowledge). Management all tunings and maintenance of site pages in web-interface.
  • Automatic tuning connection and creation structure database. Reserve coping and restoration information from server or from user's files.
  • Control ability system, records statistics in database, cutting critical errors which was made by user.
  • Presence editor of site styles and users name whose have access to working with system site's management.
  • Interface of system management is in Russian and English languages. Foresee possibility tuning any other language.
  • Support all coding (coding tables), for creation multi languages sites.
  • Possibility creation unlimited number of pages with заданным design's pattern, own coding and unique meta - tags for every page.
  • Page can be created in editor of system management, are import as a text or finished file.
  • Possibility tuning unlimited number of pages patterns (every page can have own individual design).
  • Comfortable visual system of filling, editing and deleting documentations (pages).
  • Full compatibility and corrective graphic representation in all versions Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera.
  • Connection any external modules, scripts, tunings, programs and documents files and pictures.
  • Presence module "guest book" and possibility management him in administration system.
Additional possibilities:
Presence web server on your computer give possibility to do all changes your site (creation, editing and other) without connection to IT.
Create reserve coping your new base, connect to network and for 5 minutes to replenish site's maintenance from new "reserve coping".
It really economy your time and money (Internet - is reach and slow object).

System management by RamZes site
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