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Work order

[+] - with customer requirement
  • Contact Establish bilateral contacts.
  • Expert mark [+] Necessities, perspectives, competitiveness, means realization. approximate cost.
  • Technical task [+] Documentation account your requirement for developer.
  • Price Concrete number.
  • Contract [+] Documentation financial-legal attitudes.
  • Payment Button "Start" your project.
  • Design confirmation You : "Accept. All look at as the better ". Point calculation for data "Time execution ".
  • Programming
  • Finished establishment works You : "Yes. This is right, that I need ".
  • Payment Moment true.
  • Transference Transference "from one hands to other hands ".
  • Deed [+] Deed reception - transference finished works.


  • Payment in cash - only in Dnepropetrovsk, you visit our office for payment.
  • Cashless - You need to pay bill after final getting up order.
    It will form full document packet in a week and send to you as usual post.
  • Bank transfer - Get up order and pay bill for our receipt.
  • Payment in Web Money Transfer - for payment you form Online-order and pay on bill of Z or R purse, which we show you.
Personal certificate system WebMoney
Personal certificat system WebMoney. System electronic payments, remittances. webmoney.
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