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Studio of web design "Pyramid"

Selling finished sites, programs, programs for creation and renovation sites, internet shop software Ruslan Shevchenko
Hotline (On-Line consultatuon). Offer. Advertise. Selling.
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Web design studio, designer, web sites programming, make, work out site. Renovate site.
Technical questions, support and accompany production
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Ukrainian producer software. Investing projects by west companies.
Hot line (On-Line consultations) for foreign partners. Investments and proposals. Selling.
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ICQ # 329390577

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  • We are interested in creation joint venture, stable and prolonged cooperation with foreing firms which work on market of web services.
  • We offer advantageous cooperation for foreing companies which are interested in promotion goods and services itself in Russian and Ukraine IT.
  • We expand net about program selling "Content management system RamZesT".